DSMZ 77 . LIVER BROTH (Oxoid CM 77)

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Culture medium recipe

Equipment needed: Autoclave Gassing station
1 Prepare the medium according to directions on the bottle under 100% N2 gas atmosphere.


Last modified: 18.05.22
Source: DSMZ
Taxonomic range:  Bacteria
Medium type: Complex medium
Final pH: n.d.
Equipment needed: Autoclave, Gassing station
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Gas composition

  • 100 % N2

Detailed instructions for the cultivation of anaerobes including important warnings can be found in the cultivation instructions .

Associated strains

All strains for this medium: 7

Cultivation metadata from 7 strains BacDive

phyla 1 7 strains
oxygen anaerobe 7 strains
temperature mesophilic 7 strains