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Ingredient ID: C3


Image source: PubChem
(Agar Agar agar Agar agar flake Agar Difco Agar if appropriate Agar if required Agar if required 15.0- Agar-agar Bacto agar BactoAgar For solid media add agar at a concentration of Nutrient agar Purified agar Reinforced clostridial agar washed Agar
Used attributes:
Bacto (21×) BD-Difco, Bacto (16×) (16×) Difco (14×) Oxoid L11 (7×) BD Bacto (6×) purified (2×) BD-Difco (2×) Molecular Genetics or Oxoid Agar No. 1 (2×) adjust in required in range 15-20 (1×) Noble (1×) Oxoid (1×) if needed (1×) e.g. Oxoid L28, purified (1×) e.g. Difco Agar Noble, purified (1×) autoclaved, kept about 60°C, 3%, washed (1×) Oxoid No. 1 (1×) Sigma, reinforced clostridial (1×) see Medium No. 74 (1×) adjust if required in range 1.5-2.0 (1×) washed agar with double distilled water (1×) washed Noble-Agar (1×)

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Formula: (C12H18O9)n

Complex substance