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0.01% NPA (New Cereal Leaf-­Prescott Agar)

Internal Solution-ID: S6209

This solution is used in 2 media and was first defined in medium C66.

Compound Amount Unit Conc. [g/L] Conc. [mM]
modified NCL (New Cereal Leaf-­Prescott Liquid) 1000 ml - -
(Oxoid L11)
15 g 15 -
1 Make up 1 litre of New Cereal Leaf-­Prescott Liquid (NCL ­- see separate recipe), but use only 0.1 g of cereal leaves. Mix with 15 g of Bacteriological Agar (Oxoid L11). Autoclave at 15 psi for 15 minutes.
C66 NCL/0.01%NPA
C67 NCL:PJ/0.01%NPA